Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fun Event

This Chili Cook-Off to benefit our Senior Center here at the Crooked River Ranch has turned into a very big event.  The date is set for September 24th - Saturday at the MacPherson Park Pavilion, next to the Crooked River Ranch Golf Course and RV Park.  We plan to have the Chili-Cook Off judging at noon and serve our chili along with coleslaw and cornbread to our ticket holders.  The Lion's Club is having a beer garden and beverages.  Our Seniors are planning a dessert booth.  We will also have our Saturday Market and our Crafters Club there with booths.  This will be until 4:00 pm and then we will have our Fall Festival Barn Dance at same facility with a live band from Portland area..  We will have prizes and lots of other fun things to do.
   I hope you can join us.  Bring as many as want to come.  Let me know ASAP so that we can plan space, etc.  We may need Cook-Off folks from various clubs to bring a pop-up tent to cook under, but we do plan to have some extra space as well that is covered.  You can do more than one chili if you desire.


Mark Schneider
Dutch Oven Cuisine at the Crooked River Ranch

Saturday, August 6, 2011